3 best exercise that you can do at home to lose your fat

We all know that in order to get started with the exercises, there is no need to visit the gym; instead we can do it at home as well. We can do yoga, dance or any outdoor activities to keep us healthy and fit, but if we want to get rid of the extra fat, then it is important that we do some training which will target the area specifically and help us lose fat easily. Most women suffer from fat thighs and the worst part of it is that the mobility is really slow in there; therefore, it is utilized at the last as well. So, even when you are working out hard, your legs might not respond as quickly as you want. You can target each area and design your fitness regime that way only, but if you want overall fitness and stay in shape, then consult some expert and get your diet ready. You can follow the exercises that are mentioned in here to take care of the physical activities that is required along with the diet.

3 best exercises to tone down your fat

In order to get started with the exercises you will have to keep in handy a chair, towel, dumbbells of 4 kilos (anything less than 4 kilos will also do) and very essentially a watch. Before you start, warm up by jogging or running and now read on to get the exercises right.

  • Sumo Sky – This one works wonder for your hips, thighs, glutes, core and triceps. You have to sit on a chair and then raise the hand with dumbbells in it on top of your head. Now, bend forward while bending the elbows backward. Straighten your legs and arms now. Continue doing this for ten times.
  • Spider Woman – If you want a workout for your chest, hips, core and triceps, then you will have to stand on one leg while the other leg must be parallel to the ground with your body bend in a position which gives a plank stance. Now you must do it with your other leg as well and this should be done ten times as well.
  • Good for hamstrings and shoulders – Lie on the back and cross your feet while keeping the knees bend. Pressing the foot lift your hips and extend your arm to the ceiling with dumbbell in it. do it ten times.

Other then that, there are also many Fat Loss courses that will help you in your journey to lose fat. Among such programs is “Fat Loss Factor” create by Dr Charles Livingston. You can check Fat Loss Factor Review by Dr James Mclark below and decide yourself that is it worth your money?

Fat Loss Factor 2 steps:
• Cleansing
• Detoxification

Fat Loss Factor have helped many people all over the world and you can join the club too!


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